Friends of the Pleistocene is a project of the non-profit design studio and art collaborative smudge (smudge studio inc.) based in Brooklyn, NY. During 002010-002011 FOP was the producer of smudge's project Geologic City, funded in part by the New York State Council on the Arts, Architecture Planning & Design program and by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council, Inc. (BAC).

FOP produces and carries out research and design projects. Our projects respond to conjunctures of landscape and human activity shaped by the geologic epoch of the Pleistocene, and geologic time more generally. Our interactive events and devices (for visualization, interpretation, imaginative and cognitive projections) invite humans to project their imaginations from present land use back into geologic time and forward into speculative geo- and bio-futures. Our mission is to extend humans’ capacities to sense and live in relation to geologic time.

BLOG: FOP maintains a blog archiving news and data relevant to the interests and projects of its members. The repository includes updates about FOP projects and exhibitions, as well as breaking news about research and discoveries related to FOP's mission. It is an online resource of information, images, and research collected and offered for the purpose of opening new cognitive pathways and extending human capacities to sense and live in relation to geologic time. Current project updates on all FOP projects can be found on the FOP blog.

PROJECTS: FOP engages in field expeditions and remote residencies. We study, document, and creatively respond to how the geologic epoch of the Pleistocene continues to shape our daily lives and how humans use geologic-shaped landforms and environments. Our projects include photographic image-sensations; "take away" speculative tools for exploration and cognitive recalibration within the geologic timescale; printed works such as posters, newsprints, booklets, field guides, and diary-maps; and informal public education events.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership is open to all. See the membership page for information and benefits.

** This site and project are not affiliated with The American Quaternary Association’s Friends of the Pleistocene though we greatly respect their work and recommend visiting their site.